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8 Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Welcome everyone to another Blog article about PN (peripheral neuropathy). Today, we are going to be going over a few home remedies for neuropathy pain, and chronic nerve pain in general. Just to be clear, the best way to relieve this type of pain is by coming into our clinic, getting an assessment, and utilizing one of our electromedicine devices in combination with our therapy protocols. To get our FREE eBook on Neuropathy just click this link and follow the prompts HERE, this link will take you into Facebook Messenger where you can get the eBook 100% FREE. This would obviously be the optimal choice for pain relief, but with that said, lets begin discussing some other methods.

  1. Vitamins

In many cases where peripheral neuropathy develops it is due to vitamin deficiencies. One of the major vitamins related to nerve health is Vitamin-B. Having a significantly low Vitamin-B level can lead to severe nerve damage over time. Another one is Vitamin-D, if you are a patient here at Elite Medical than you are most likely already aware of the importance of Vitamin-D. We are strong proponents of the benefits one may receive from taking Vitamin-D regularly. While Vitamin-D is created under the bottom layer of your dermis (skin) when sunlight passes through it, this is usually not enough to sustain most people. Taking oral supplements may help to relieve these vitamin deficiencies but we must make one thing clear about that statement. Vitamin-D is responsible for helping our body manage many important functions, one of those being to help us balance our gut bacteria. When Vitamin-D is low, our ability to manage this bacteria properly is limited greatly, causing the "good" bacteria to die out in most cases. This makes absorption of nutrients very difficult, especially oral tablets in pill form.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper contains capsaicin, an ingredient found in most hot peppers which actually is what makes them spicy. Capsaicin has been used in the creation of topical creams mainly for its pain relieving properties. It works by decreasing the pain signals being sent throughout the body. Incorporating the cayenne pepper in your diet or even capsaicin capsules can reduce your neuropathy pain symptoms.

3. Quitting Smoking

Another obvious, or at least it should be obvious, step one can take to help reduce neuropathy pain, is to quit smoking. Nicotine is a vessel constrictor, meaning it constricts blood vessels, thus lowering blood circulation and contributing to the damage of the nervous system. A vital step to lowering your neuropathy pain is to increase your blood circulation to the affected area. So, anything that works to limit circulation, is a huge problem. Hopefully this will help others to make more positive changes to their daily lifestyle habits.

4. A Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath can be soothing and can also alleviate pain symptoms from neuropathy. Warm water increases blood circulation throughout the body, decreasing pain symptoms from numbness.

If your sensory nerves are affected from peripheral neuropathy and you’re not as sensitive to temperature, be careful not to make your bath water too hot, as this could have the opposite effect.

5. Good ole Exercise

Engaging in regular exercise can help to combat pain and improve your overall health. We actually have a set of low impact exercises we teach our patients, as a part of neuropathy therapy protocols. Being active reduces blood sugar levels, which, in turn, can reduce and/or slow down the progression of nerve damage. Exercise also helps increase blood circulation to the hands and feet while reducing stress. All of these are factors that work to relieve pain symptoms.

6. Essential Oils

Some essential oils, including chamomile and Roman lavender, both help to increase circulation. Besides that, they both have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to boost healing.

Here is how to use them:

Dilute essential oils (a few drops) in 1 ounce of a carrier oil such as olive oil. Applying these diluted oils to the affected area can reduce stinging and tingling pains from peripheral neuropathy.

7. Meditation

One solution many may have already figured out is meditation. Certain meditation techniques can help people struggling with neuropathy symptoms by helping them live with their pain. Meditation can lower stress, improve coping skills, and even decrease your pain intensity, with practice, of course.

8. Acupuncture

This technique is by no means new to the pain relief scene. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It works by applying small needles to certain pressure points on the body, thereby releasing chemicals that can change the pain experience or threshold. Acupuncture helps to provide an energy balance to the body that can affect your emotional well-being.

We hope you enjoyed our 8 Ways to Naturally Relieve Neuropathy Pain article. For those of you who would like more information about out therapy protocols for Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Pain, and Osteoarthritis just click the link below. This link will take you into our automated messaging service on Facebook Messenger, allowing you to safely and privately find the information you are seeking. We are always available for questions on this messenger chat and will answer any concerns or questions you may have rather quickly.

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