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Everything you didn't know about Vitamin-D


To start things off on the right foot, let me just welcome all of you to our new blog! Thank you for reading, we will do everything we can to help educate and inspire you all to make better decisions regarding your healthcare.


Vitamin-D is one of the most important hormones in the body. We do create Vitamin-D on our own but only in very small amounts. The rest we need to gather from the food we eat. Depending on our diet, this may be easier said than done.

You may have seen Vitamin-D in the news a lot lately due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Recent studies are showing that it may help to prevent the more severe effects of the virus. That alone should motivate more of us to begin taking Vitamin-D supplements!

Now there are many other important reasons to aim for optimal Vitamin-D levels. It has immensly powerful effects on many systems throughout the body. Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin-D functions essentially like a hormone, because it is a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it. That just shows you how vital a role it plays in everyday health & bodily function.

Signs of Low Vitamin-D include:

Getting Sick Frequently

Poor Sleep Quality

Hormonal Imbalances

Depression and Mood Swings

Excessive Fatique

Poor Bone Density

Muscle Pain

Dry Skin

Poor Immune Health

About 70% of all Americans are deficient in Vitamin-D, it is very common. Most Americans are also overweight, which Vitamin-D impacts as well. Did you know that Vitamin-D plays a major role in helping our body manage the bacteria we have in our intestines. We have trillions and trillions of bacteria in our intestines, some is "Good", and some is "Bad". The "Good" bacteria helps us break down the food we eat so we can absorb the nutrients. The "Bad" bacteria basically steals these nutrients from us before our body can absorb them. When we have adequate levels of Vitamin-D, we can easily manage this bacteria. But when we are deficient in Vitamin-D, the "Good" bacteria begins to die off, the "Bad" bacteria starts to grow out of control. This leads to even more vitamin deficiencies over time.

The usual remedy for this sort of thing would be to take oral supplements to resolve these deficincies. But when the body is not absorbing what it is consuming orally, injections are the fastest way to raise the levels within the body. Studies show that once Vitamin-D levels have dropped below 40, it can take years to raise them back to a healthy range using oral supplements alone. Most doctors think that a "healthy" range is anything above 30 points. Just because you are out of the at-risk range from developing rickets, does not mean that you are feeling "healthy".

We recommend checking your Vitamin-D levels regurlarly. Your sleep quality will improve, energy levels will rise, and illnesses will become much less frequent. If you are thinking about having your Vitamin-D levels checked, give us a call at our clinic in Pooler during normal business hours. Our highly trained medical staff will be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to helping you achieve your health & wellness goals. Don't forget to drop a "Like" or two on our Facebook Page!

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