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Why is it So Hard to Find Quality Help for Neuropathy?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In 2011, our Medical Director, Dr. Moshe Dekel MD, began treating patients holistically for Neuropathy symptoms. One thing that has not changed over the years is how we hear over and over, just how difficult it is to get quality treatment/results. The struggle to improve their quality of life, to avoid a decline in what they can do, and a mental break from worrying about their future, these are constant comments he heard from his neuropathy patients over time.

So, What Is The Real Problem?

This might be old news to those who suffer from neuropathy, but even getting a diagnosis can be difficult. First, there is usually a mention of the “thick” sensation under the toes to your General Practitioner. Then, the diagnostic testing in the Doctor's office. For those on chemotherapy, you might be asked if you have symptoms during active chemotherapy by your Nurse or Physician. Then, the usual testing (and this should ALWAYS be done, make no mistake) of nerve conduction and electro myelogram can pick up large fiber neuropathy with fairly good accuracy. Occasionally, it can also give the examiner an idea if there is any nerve root involvement from low back problems as well. But, it does NOT pick up small fiber neuropathy! Amazing right?

Main Problem #1

This is where most diagnostic testing ends and it is at this stage where many neuropathy clinics miss the boat (Small Fiber Neuropathy), but not here at Elite Medical Center!

We have two ways of diagnosing this issue, one is a biopsy of the small tissue nerve fibers, and the other is a TM Flow procedure. Both can easily diagnose the Small Fiber Neuropathy and help determine the severity of the damage to the nerves.

Not only that, but most clinics won't even do a biopsy for detection of small fiber neuropathy. Reason being, is it typically won't change the course of care for the patient, unfortunately. At Elite Medical, we do perform this test, because it is needed for insurance claims, possible time off from work, and to gauge the improvement of tissue and nerve regeneration over the course of therapy. All of these reasons are very important, both to the patient, and the clinic, for obvious reasons.

Problem #2

Almost all roads lead to the same treatments, medications for pain. These treatments include, but are not limited to: Harsh Medications (including pain medication such as Gabapentin), Lyrica, Anti-Depressants, Opioids/Pain Killers, Topical Creams, and Red Laser Therapy.

The issue with this approach is while the patient may have some discomfort but, what really is concerning to them is the advancing numbness, weakness and loss of body position & awareness in their feet, which negatively affects their balance and mobility. Since the majority of length dependent neuropathies manifest in the feet first, especially in the balls of the feet, the ability to drive safely is a real and significant concern.

There are no drugs that can “numb” numbness. So those patients without significant pain can oftentimes feel even more out of luck as the medications prescribed for neuropathy only target pain.

Finally, Problem #3

After trying for so long and often being disappointed, some people go into a spiral of inactivity. This weakens the muscles needed for balance and mobility as they begin to atrophy, and lowers blood circulation to the areas needing it most. As a medical consultant with the Elite Family, I advise people with neuropathy to keep searching for treatments and therapies, as what works for one patient, may not work for another, and visa-versa. We often say in the clinic that anything that helps is a blessing! At Elite Medical Center, we address almost all of the symptoms of neuropathy including pain, numbness and mobility/balance concerns.

What Makes Us So Effective At Treating Neuropathy?

(Besides having the best medical staff in Savannah/Pooler!)

Here we utilize multiple therapy devices (more on those in a moment), combined with our proprietary in-office protocols, and personalized treatment plans. Using this combination of therapies and state-of-the-art electromedicine devices, we continue to lead the Greater #Savannah #Pooler area in Neuropathy Therapy Solutions, getting the results that matter.

For the past 5 years the field of neuropathy therapy devices has primarily been lead by a device called RST Sanexas. This has been considered by many physicians and clinics to be the "Gold Standard" in Neuropathy Therapy devices. While this is a very impressive device and has helped literally thousands of patients regain their mobility and decreased the pain symptoms they experience, day to day, the Tesla-Max has shown in studies to have a higher efficacy result for most patients. We also see longer lasting results It isn't hard to see why either, the Tesla-Max has only been in use for about a year at the time of this article. Anyone who keeps a close eye on technology knows it doubles about every 14 months, meaning that technology gets twice as fast, and costs half as much. Making the Sanexas a literal dinosaur when compared to the Tesla-Max technology.

To learn more about our Neuropathy Therapy program, or to schedule a free consultation visit, just give us a call at our clinic located in Pooler, GA. Or reach out to us on Facebook Messenger, or by email, we are always standing by to help our local community get the care it deserves! Just like we did during the Covid-19 Crisis, we took upon ourselves the task of helping the major hospitals from being overrun with Covid-Testing. We decided to offer that here at our clinic, lessening the workload to our first responders and hospital workers. We love our community, and we love helping people achieve their Health & Wellness goals! Our team looks forward to helping you accomplish your as well! (contact details below)

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